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SEE-ME-IN project

Entrepreneurship is a powerful driver of economic growth and job creation, especially in our European cities and, within the area of Interreg Programme Central Europe, people with a multicultural background represent an important pool of entrepreneurs, but can face, specific legal, cultural and linguistic obstacles.

The SEE ME IN project aims to support an environment attractive to all forms of multicultural entrepreneurship, developing a general framework for their empowerment. A modular and flexible Intercultural HUB will deliver key tools to enhance the competences of the entrepreneurs with the objective to enable enterprises to work more effectively, expand their markets and improve their role in the EU cities.

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Our goals

The main objective of SEE ME IN is to address key socio-economic challenges within Central European cities with specific reference to inclusion and skills shortages affecting the multicultural enterprises. To meet this key objective, the project will work on strengthening capacities, skills and competences of relevant public authorities and enterprises in three relevant market sectors: design/craft, fashion, food.

Three specific objectives are guiding the project implementation:

  1. Enhance the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial potential of people with a multicultural background;
  2. Promote mutual learning and exchange between native and multicultural entrepreneurs;
  3. Encouraging Social Cohesion in Cities.

Our partners

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano


Founded in 2003 Fondazione Politecnico di Milano acts as a vehicle to accomplish complex research for business enterprises and extend excellent competences.

Gruppo Cooperativo CGM


The largest Italian network of social enterprises, its activities focus on encouraging entrepreneurial skills within its network and on the promotion of territorial development.

Comune di Milano


As a consequence of the constant increase of multicultural population, Milan started to synergistically create a model of intervention to improve social cohesion and active involvement of multicultural enterprises.

School of Advanced Social Studies


Established in 2006, SASS is a research institution with substantial experiences in research, monitoring and evaluation for businesses and public entities, with a special focus on social entrepreneurship.

ACT Group


ACT Group is a Community of Social Entrepreneurs that empowers the Social Economy Ecosystem in Croatia and the CEE region. The core business of ACT is SE business development, business support and education/training in various fields.

West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Nonprofit


The mission of Westpannon Team is to support the initiation and implementation of cooperation-based regional and economic development processes in its Region. Its aim is to strengthen networking among the region’s municipalities, enterprises and NGOs.

Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The largest chamber of commerce in Hungary, the main role of BCCI is helping SMEs with the establishment of local market co-operations thus having a positive impact on growth and development of the entire economic sector.

Aiforia GmbH


Aiforia GmbH is a small, yet international agency for sustainability based in Freiburg. It fosters individual, societal and governmental resilience to today’s challenges, thus active in development cooperation, communication and the transfer of good practice in sustainable policies and lifestyles.

Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska Ltd


The RDA of Northern Primorska has been established in 1999 to identify the needs in economic and social environment and to stimulate regional development of Northern Primoska Region. Its main business is helping local authorities and other public and private bodies of the region with the scope to promote sustainable and responsible regional development, also thanks to international activities and networking.



Iskriva, a private non-profit organization, works in the field of sustainable development of local potentials, facilitating the efficient use of resources in combination with the right people. With more than 10 years of experience, it operates as a think-and-do-tank, developing methodologies, tools for planning, and implementing regional development from local to international level.

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