(Fashion) and sustainability


(Fashion) and sustainability

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To offer something on the market today, especially fashion, which is wearable and follows trends, and at the same time is sustainable is a great challenge.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies are still reluctant to any engagement around sustainability. But the story is slowly changing and there are more and more examples of companies that successfully combine synergies with trends, responsible philosophies and business. This is confirmed by the examples of companies such as Veja (France) and MIRET (Croatia), which record an increase in sales of products – sneakers/shoes made precisely on this sustainable philosophy.

It is challenging and more expensive to make products from recycled and/or organic materials, but it is not financially unprofitable because more and more people want to get out of the comfort zone of the classic consumer and contribute to solving burning problems such as CO2 emissions and sustainability in general. We have already written about this topic in the articles Basic principles of sustainable marketing (Part 1 and Part 2). What is crucial in these examples and in general if we want to change the world, we need to live and dream about what we sell or what we buy.


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