Human attention


Human attention, the most valuable resource

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Establishing a relationship rests on the other side noticing us and then appreciating us. Only then can they receive our message and intention. What does it take for someone to notice you? – The other side’s attention.

Now think about what is currently distracting you. How many messages do you get per day? How many ads do you see? How much are you always in a hurry? How many tasks are on the to-do list? How many people need something from you, etc. In the age of the Internet and technology, our attention is more susceptible to stimuli than ever. And as a result, our attention is distracted. It is extremely valuable to attract someone’s attention.

We have an offer and we need customers who find it valuable and are willing to pay for it. The obstacle is that people value their money very much. On average, people find money more valuable than things or your work. That’s why we don’t even sell it to them. We’re already selling them a story. In the most efficient way, we must make the customer understand what problem our offer solves for him / her.

We are careful not to place a ‘thing’ or ‘time spent / document some’, but to offer a product and / or service to the market. Value is in the eye of the beholder, that is, the perception is needed that the thing is valid in order to become a product. It takes the perception that hours of your work bring something to be a service.

We manage positioning by narrowing or focusing. We cannot be everything to everyone. We can’t be everything to our target group either. One should focus on one point. Of all the solutions that our product / service brings to the user and / or customer, we do not need to highlight them all at every opportunity.

When we were doing Job-To-Be-Done we were thinking about the potential you can help the user fulfill.

Choose and focus on one (maximum 3) benefits for the user. To one potential you can help fulfill! What makes the difference between you and your competition is chosen. This is exactly your position.


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