Loma: developing websites with your personalities


Loma: developing websites with your personalities

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Miriam was born in Argentina. When she was 25 years old, she moved to Minnesota, USA. Here she went to college and learned the language and culture. 5 years later she was able to get her first job as a Spanish language teacher in a private school. Together with a colleague, after few years she opened her own Spanish school for kids, which was a very successful initiative.

When she was 43 years old, she decided to move again, this time to Germany. For the second time in her life, she had to start from the scratch, getting in touch with a new culture and a different language. During the first years in Germany, she continued to teach on-line for the Minnesota school.

When the school closed and she remained without a job, she decided to start a new business and together with her daughter Sophia, she founded Ioma, a website agency in Freiburg. Active since 2013, the agency offers hosting, web design and consultancy services to different type of clients (SMEs, freelancers, associations) through personalised and adaptable solutions, also in terms of convenience and price accessibility.

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Website: https://www.loma-freiburg.de/
FB: @lomafreiburg