See Me In event was organized in Budapest


See Me In event was organized in Budapest

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Within the See Me In project, the HUB coaching and collective mentoring events were organized together in Budapest on 27.09.2021. During the event 19 participants attended.

After the welcoming speeches by Westpannon Nonprofit Ltd. and BCCI, Mr. Gábor Bódis started to present the main functions and the contents of the online platform called multicultural HUB ( After the presentation the participants had the opportunity to give feedback about the online platform – raised some questions and all of them filled in evaluation survey documents which will be the basis for further development of the HUB.

After the HUB platform presentation, Mr. Gábor Bódis started to give a detailed overview about marketing, social media marketing and branding topics in the framework of the so-called “collective mentoring” event. The aim of this professional presentation was to help the multicultural entrepreneurs how to use the social media channels in a more effective way and help them to enhance their marketing skills. To achieve this goal, several good and bad marketing examples were presented and discussed between the participants to understand what are the key elements of a successful marketing campaign. Additionally, the main social media communication channels were also presented in depth to understand which platform is suitable for the entrepreneurs and why.

Szilvia Botka-Ilyés also had a very interesting presentation about the communication, how to communicate our business in a more effective way. We heard several practical solutions how to increase the number of followers and how to draw attention to our business in social media platforms.
Within the next months, similar events will be organized in Budapest to evaluate the development of the online HUB platform of the See Me In project, and another networking (B2B) event will take place for the multicultural entrepreneurs to meet each other know more about their businesses.