Sofia Tatulyan – Budapest Atelier: co-create the diversity of people’s cultural codes


Sofia Tatulyan – Budapest Atelier

Co-create the diversity of people’s cultural codes

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Can you please tell us something about yourself?

From childhood dreams to real projects. Years of experience and desire to be in the profession remain to this day. I am Armenian, absorbed in the culture and traditions of different countries, which especially gives me the opportunity to co-create the diversity of people’s cultural codes. To educate me, my world, to learn to speak through fashion, to convey the idea of restraint, balance, timeless style, and colour as light, is important. Everyone has an identity. Everyone has a character. My mission is to assure the client of her personal charm and the power of a woman at the same time.

I was lucky enough to realize at the age of 14 that fashion design is a lifelong choice. Six years of education, an internship in Germany and Finland, participation in the London graduate fashion week, working in the fast fashion industry, and the historical clothing line of SOFIA TATULYAN, but Budapest was the starting point.

By the tailoring language and the plastic of the fabric, I speak to women. Now I am at a stage of development, searching for contacts and partners. The market is oversaturated, and it is important for me to keep my individuality and my idea from the beginning to their realisation.

Can you please tell us how you had the idea to start your business?

The idea of starting a business came after I moved to Budapest. Several factors played a role here. Fashion industry in Budapest was very closed for strangers.

At the same time, my former colleagues were planning to start a showroom, and they invited me to represent them. This was a perfect occasion for the first collection. The number of units was experimentally small. The first pieces I made myself from the idea, construction and sewing. Later I involved craftsman. Up to now I take a part of technical work on my own.

Can you please tell us about the main obstacles you have encountered and how you managed to overcome them?

I encountered several difficulties in my business. The difficulty in taking several roles at once as a designer, business manager, stylist, and journalist. I was manager and buyer of fabrics, constructor, tailor, brand ambassador, and the model.

Another challenge was to start from scratch, with my own budget, with no previous business experience and no grants nor financial aid.

To start a new business is always challenging, especially if you do it in a new business environment with a language barrier. I was driven by the faith and thirst to do what I understand, what I felt able to do. The first sales helped me not to give up.

It was relatively difficult with materials because the amounts of manufactured fabrics were minimal, and the budget was modest. Not everyone is ready to sell minimum quantities. I had to work with stock. The brand SOFIA TATULYAN is built through my own small investments and profits from the product.

As the brand grows, new tasks appear. I am open to talents and ready to give opportunities to growth together.

The biggest challenge remains working on myself, believing and continuing to create despite and in spite of everything.

Has the recent pandemic affected your business and how did you overcome the challenges?

The Covid crisis affected me as a growth point. The process practically stopped. During this period, I had to rethink my attitude to consumption, mass fashion soulless is not interesting to me.

How do you see the future of your company?

In the forthcoming 5 years, the brand Sofia Tatulyan sets itself the goal to create a stable team, in the direction of business administrative, sales, production and marketing.

Set up sales, the profits of which would allow to expand the home studio into an independent studio, pay for the work of the team and contractors. Establishing contacts with buyers and work with media and influencers.

Is there anything you would like to tell to your fellow entrepreneurs? #somethinginspirational

Hungary and the city of Budapest have become my hometown. Central Europe has its own special spirit here. People from different eras, with a mentality accumulated through time, which has known both imperial and socialist and modern eras.

It is a special honour for me to live and work within the context of such a great heritage.