The potential of high skilled multicultural women


The potential of high skilled multicultural women


Highly skilled “migrant women” with a STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) background are often largely neglected group by the host countries, yet they represent an extremely relevant talent pool that can be key for the contribution they can provide to innovation and economic development.

The authors of this academic article, undertook a fieldwork research in Northern Italy in 2018 through interviews and focus groups in which they explore the barriers that prevent this group of women to find a job up to their qualification. The article also identifies the resources and successful stories allowing the women to obtain a qualified job in the STEMM labour market and therefore to cement their integration. A couple of tables enrich the reading experience with direct and exemplary stories of the women that joined the research.


Bolzani, D., Crivellaro, F., & Grimaldi, R. (2021). Highly skilled, yet invisible. The potential of migrant women with a STEMM background in Italy between intersectional barriers and resources. Gender, Work & Organization. Published.