Tips on website design/SEO/corporate identity from Miriam Ramos-Warth


Tips on website design/SEO/corporate identity from Miriam Ramos-Warth

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  1. Create a target group profile. Define very well your target group: Who are you talking to? Adapt your design according to the language of the target group (e.g. other businesses, young people, people special interest of target group)

->  Put all relevant and maybe additional information on your website, e.g. a restaurant close to the forest should put their menu AND a hiking map of the region with very beautiful photos of the region on their website to produce nice feelings.

  1. Make it easy to find all relevant information about your business very easy. If it is too difficult, visitors will close the website and check another business. E.g. contact information, opening times. Have all information always up to date.
  2. Design and Corporate Identity: Don’t use the old-fashioned website design. Try something fancy. Avoid too long texts. Instead, place some professional pictures of interest. Don’t overload with information. Use always the same font (max two different fonts). Use similar colors for graphics/ background colors.
  3. References: If you offer special services, provide an overview with interesting references as an advertisement for your work.
  4. Describe your personal profile (career, education, personal situation) or team with pictures and some interesting personal facts.
  5. Readability and user-friendliness: Avoid tiny graphics, misspelling, exotic fonts, and technical abbreviations. Have a mobile version of your website ready.
  6. Header and Footer: Make the navigation easy with a header with different subsites. Have header and footer in the same style.
  7. Legal aspects: Have your imprint, data protection, and cookies always up to date! Don’t use pictures without authorization.

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