Workshops on small business founding and communication techniques


Workshops on small business founding and communication techniques

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In the end of October and the start of November 2021, two workshops for intercultural entrepreneurs living in Slovenia took place. Both of them were free-of-charge and took place online, as to offer new knowledge to as many entrepreneurs as possible.

The first workshop happened on the 28th of October 2021, with the topic being small business founding options. The workshop covered national founding, as well as EU and other founding options, with clear distinction between private founding (i.e. investment) and public founding. It was created and led by Jakob Gajšek, director of Ljubljana University Incubator and one of the founding members of ABC Accelerator. He specialises in helping build up start-ups by helping them gain knowledge in business development, investment, strategy and sales.

The second workshop, that took place on the 4th of November 2021, focused on communication techniques to connect with your costumers and business partners. There, entrepreneurs discovered different tips for communicating with costumers, as well as knowledge on how to build their own communication strategy. Dr. Andrej Kovačič, who lead the workshop, is an associate professor at multiple Slovenian higher-education institutions. He is a pro-active communication expert, speaker and coach who specialises in business communication, both on individual and company level.
Both workshops were accompanied with a presentation of this hub, as to give intercultural entrepreneurs extra opportunities to acquire new knowledge after they leave the workshops.